I spent the morning as a guest on the parenting program Great Expectations at ETV with my daughter Sophie. The program was about creativity in children and it will air on the 26th of April @ 11:30. Sophie showed off her art, and I was the proud parent. We discussed a couple of issues relating to nurturing creativity in early childhood. One of the other guests Nicky Bush, co-author of ‘Future proof your children’ made some really interesting observations about how when our children grow up, up to 60% of the jobs that they may do have yet to be ‘invented’ She added that the best way to prepare your children for the future is to nurture their creatvie ability to that they will be able to adapt to our rapidly world. The conclusion of all this was that we should of course encourage our children and give them all the the support that they need to enhance their natural talent. This might not be art, music or dance, but by allowing them to be creative and explore both left and right brain activity, they will be better equipped as adults to solve problems in a creative way. So you will see that I have made todays entry a little more creative than usual with a couple of splashes of colour, just to prove that I was listening!