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Blogging can be fun

Apparently blogging can be fun.
Let’s see……………….
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Beautiful Creatures Blog post # 1

Well here goes the first blog post from the Beautiful Creatures team. At this point I’m still talking to myself, but hopefully that will soon change. On this blog, you will get to share our ideas, thoughts and dreams for Beautiful Creatures. The three of us, Paul, Ed and  I will explore the great adventure that Beautiful Creatures has become. We’re about 5 years old now, have 7 children’s music albums and our first book. We have a stage show in development with Hazel and Tony Feldman, and are in the process of developing a TV series. We’ve had fantastic support from children and their parents who have given us such positive feedback with regard to our music and favourite characters.So we invite you to continue the journey with us, and welcome your thoughts.

Beautiful Creatures is inspired by our children, and we will continue to strive to create music, books and theater that will in-turn inspire all children.
Alan Glass

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