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Its Tuesday in the land of the Beautiful Creatures, and we have our first draft of the script in hand, thanks to Gina and Craig. Excellent, now all we need are costumes, sets, actors, musicians, PR etc. Looking forward to the casting session in a couple of weeks. We’ll post all that info on facebook, twitter etc as well.

Spent some time today tweaking the poster with the help of  Kirsten at Apula, so we are getting there.

Paul and I popped into our illustrator Sandy Lightly’s studio to take a look at the draft drawing of our next book. (book # 2 ‘Imvubu the Hippo’) It looks great so far and Sandy will start painting, cos when it comes to book we do it the old fashioned way… real illustrations with lots of acrylic paint on board.

Can’t wait to get going with all this!


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Monday morning at the coffee shop

Monday morning at the coffee shop, before heading off for a power week at Beautiful Creatures. Today we will be taking a look at the draft script for the stage show, then onto a meeting with our illustrator Sandy Lightly to take a look at the first renditions of our second book ‘ Imvubu the Hippo’. Lots of meeting and plans around our stage show, costumes, set,  TV show development etc. Joburg is just starting to show the first signs of Autumn, with only about 80 something days before the world cup kick off, and of course the kick off of our Beautiful Creatures stage show at Montecasino’s Teatro.

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Playing with our social networking toys

Ok, so we’ve been really busy this week playing with our social networking toys. Here is the itunes link to Beautiful Creatures.
This one points to the USA site, so if you are somewhere else you may have to change territory, or just search Beautiful Creatures – Ed Jordan and Alan Glass. (If you just say Beautiful creatures it takes you to a heavy metal band.. thats not us!)

Paul has been tweeting furiously all week to let everyone know that we are now available in lots of territories (Not Oz yet, coming soon!) So if you would like to follow us on twitter the link is

So there is something for everyone, but if that’s all a bit much to digest simply go to our website

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Beautiful Creatures on Great Expectations on ETV. Monday 26 April 2010 at 11h30

Beautiful Creatures will be on Great Expectations on ETV  taking about creativity in children. The show will be broadcast on Monday 26 April 2010 at 11h30.

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Paul is all a twitter

Paul has discovered twitter. He tweets all day and he tweets all night. I’m sure any day now he is going to grow wings, maybe like a Hadeda! Between that and our local  Italian sandwich shop Super Sconto, we are not sure which he prefers. Meanwhile, Ed’s been awol, he’s busy doing the score for Spud The Movie! It stars, among others the legendary John Cleese. Apparently Ed has to make him sing! (How about I’m a lumberjack? or Always look on the bright side of life?) Meanwhile things are all chipper in the land of Beautiful Creatures and plans for the stage show are making progress. Today we briefed our creative agency about the poster, chatted to ‘Toast’ (Tony Feldman – Showtime Management, and son of Hazel) about a few things before he dashes of to London for a few days, and of course did a bit more tweeting. Now time for some well earned rest.

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