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Live on the Piazza


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Daddy blogger review

After lots of great reviews on our twitter site from various Mommy bloggers, its great to get a dad’s perspective. The following review was posted by Dad Logic

When my son Matthew was born, we put an iHome radio in his room and loaded up the iPod with songs from a lullaby CD. Two years later, and a constant repeat cycle the entire time, we’ve racked up tens of thousands of plays for each of the songs and Matthew will probably have the songs stuck in his head for years to come.

Since we were on the lookout for something new, I was happy to stumble across the Beautiful Creatures collection of children’s songs. They not only had two collections of nighttime/lullaby songs, but there were also several kid friendly options that we could play during the day when Matthew is in the mood to dance, sing and just plain be a kid. The Beautiful Lullabies album seemed to be Matthew’s favorite, especially the “African Lullabye” song, Track 1 on the album. The nice thing about the songs being on iTunes is that you can pick and choose individual tracks from the various albums, but they are inexpensive enough where it is easy to just grab the album, load up the iPod, and see what particular songs seems to strike your kid’s fancy. We made it through two years of having the same album playing over and over on the iPod. Let’s see how long we can go with all these albums to choose from.

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Power To The Hippo

What a month it’s turning out to be for Beautiful Creatures!
We are five shows into our run at Monte Casino and every audience so far has been up on their feet and hippo-dancing in the isles!!!Our cast and technical crew have been nothing short of amazing and if you’re reading this and haven’t seen the show yet, we still have two weeks of run left so book now on
Our director Paul Warrick Griffin has moulded a show that has delighted children and parents this last week at the Teatro at Monte Casino. We’ve never seen so many happy, smiling Beautiful Creatures fans!
“What’s been great about this run so far is that we’re seeing people in the audience we’ve never seen before” says Paul Choritz.”It’s always wonderful to see new Beautiful Creatures fans!”
Ed Jordan says, ” For me, watching this show come together has been such an incredible process and I’ve loved seeing musical director Louis Zurnamer take our songs into the theatrical realm. It’s such a good feeling to hear a cast of thirteen actors singing with such passion and power,”
Alan Glass is excited too.” It’s amazing to see our characters we created actually come to life. They are living breathing colorful and bright, and seeing kids react to them is inspiring for us.”
Beautiful Creatures runs at the Teatro at Monte Casino till the 4th of July.
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Countdown to Beautiful Creatures stage show


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Good meeting

Yesterday we had a really good meeting with the stage show creative team.
There have been a few `changes` implemented and it is interesting to see how this process works.
We have modified our approach to costumes a number of times and I think we are going to end up with something very FRESH and EXCITING.

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